The magic of golden hour

I'm a night person by nature. I love the peace and quiet of night and I find it's when I'm most productive. 

The tradeoff is that it is brutally tough waking up bright and early for sunrise photo shoots. 

Earlier this week, I woke up at 4 a.m. to gather my gear and make it down to Burbank for a photo shoot. With the golden light washing over Johnny Carson Park, it made for a gorgeous setting to create portraits.

Here are a few samples:

The power of family

Family has always been an important part of my life. I'm fortunate to have so many family members, especially on my father's side, who live within a close proximity. On Easter, family gathered together at my parent's house for dinner. 

The holiday also marked the anniversary of my grandmother Jean Spencer's passing. She inspired my passion for writing and photography with her endless curiosity and passion for life. 

The family dinner offered the perfect opportunity to snap some family photos. 

I set up a 47-inch octabox on a light stand next to a bench next to my parent's garden. The strobe, an xplor 600, provided a nice soft light to balance out the sunlight and illuminate my family member's faces as the sun set.

Coming full circle

I first came to pursue writing in high school with the student newspaper, The Stinger, at Camarillo High School. I loved the challenge of making deadlines, crafting creative leads to my stories and interviewing fellow students. 

Tim Gallagher, former editor in chief of The Ventura County Star, gave me an opportunity to write for The Star as a freelancer covering high school football games on Friday nights. It started a 15 plus year association with The Star that encompassed writing features, sports and news stories as well as copy editing and photography. 

When I stepped away from The Star last fall to pursue professional photography, Gallagher, who now does consulting, again provided an opportunity, this time to shoot head shots and group photos for the Ventura Community Foundation. This proved to be a great chance to connect with a location organization and make inroads into the community. 

Prius receives a makeover

My 2013 Toyota Prius is my workhorse. It's my go-to car for driving around Ventura County and beyond. Whether I'm officiating basketball, or searching out a new hole in the wall taco spot, my Prius serves as my wheels to get there.

Until now, my Prius has been pure white. That changed last week with a makeover courtesy of SBR Signs in Simi Valley. 

My car is now decorated with treasured images from past photo shoots. It's a great opportunity for me to share my work with the public and share about my photography business, JD Scoop Photography. I've included examples of family photography, portraits, newborn photography, sports and more.

I took photos throughout the makeover to share the process.

I dropped off my 2013 Prius C last Thursday morning for its makeover. 

I dropped off my 2013 Prius C last Thursday morning for its makeover. 

SBR Signs did an excellent job remaking my car over the course of a day. 

The final product on display. My Prius is no longer naked. I'm excited to get my Prius out into the community and share my work with others. 

The wonder of childhood

Childhood is a fun time of exploration and learning about your surroundings. Recently, I visited with young Danny and his mom Katie as he enjoyed playtime in the yard of the family's Camarillo home. The active, curious Danny wandered around the yard lined with fruit trees and filled with toys as I captured the special moments that make family photography so special and rewarding.

Welcome to JD Scoop Photography

Welcome to the web site for JD Scoop Photography, a Camarillo based business. I have a lengthy background in journalism which helps to shape my view on photography. I love capturing raw, natural human emotion through my work.

This blog will provide a forum to share about photo sessions and my journey in the world of photography. I will also use this space to share about deals and discounts. 

Thanks for following along.